committed to safety

WPI's 100% commitment to an
injury free workplace

Safe work is quality work. No job is so important... Nor service so urgent... That we cannot take the time to perform it safely.

This philosophy is the driving force behind all we do for our clients.

WPI puts this into action by:

  • OSHA 30 & CPR/1st Aid certification for all Supervisors.
  • Promoting a drug free workplace.
  • Ongoing hands on training with WPI University.
  • Site specific health and safety plans for each project.
  • Active pre-task planning for all operations.
  • Accountability for success at all levels.
  • Company orientation for all new hires and jobsite specific orientation for all employees on site.
  • MOTTO: Don’t let it hit the floor! This helps promote a clean work site.

The benefits of our efforts are a safe workplace where workers return home as well as they arrived and a seamless transition from the project planning stage through installation and turn over.

  • WPI’s NCCI Interstate EMR is .69
  • Offices in Tigard & Eugene, OR, Sumner & Spokane, WA serving the entire Pacific NW and PACRIM

Codes and Standards:

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Environmental Health &
Safety Manager
Safety Department
Charlotte Rimmer CRIS

Field Safety Coordinators:

Brian McMuldren, STS
Jeshua Scheer, STS
Dave Hodkins, STS
Kieth McCammant, CRIS, CSM

2013 Turner Subcontractor Safety Award

JE Dunn's Top Contractor for Safety Gold Star Program

Rushforth Construction's Safety Subcontractor of the Month


























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